Get PDF Version


If you do WordPress installation regularly, you should consider getting the FREE PDF version of the WordPress Mentor Checklist. Just enter your details in the form on the right hand of the website.


The PDF version comes with the following:



  • WordPress Setup Checklist (PDF)

This is a 27 page step by step checklist guide to getting your WordPress website setup using the IS2CO formula – Install, Secure, Configure, Connect and Optimise. This can be used with any WordPress website. If your site is already installed, just skip forward to step 27 and run through the security checklist.

This setup guide is meant to be used on-screen in conjunction with either the Quick Visual Cheatsheet or the Checklist Spreadsheet so that you can keep track of what you have done in your WordPress setup.


  • WordPress Quick Visual Cheatsheet (PDF)

This is a visual cheatsheet that will allow you to look quickly at any WordPress website and see what is missing or needs to be done using the WordPress Platform diagram as a guide to a finished WordPress website and the supplied checklist.

This visual cheatsheet is meant to be printed out and used alongside the WordPress Setup Checklist (PDF) so that you can work in pen and paper through your WordPress setup.


  • WordPress Checklist Spreadsheet (Excel / OpenOffice Calc)

This is a spreadsheet checklist of steps to be done as part of your WordPress setup. This is meant to be used alongside the WordPress Setup Checklist (PDF) so that you can keep track of what step you are on.

As you progress through the checklist, you can mark each step as completed using the ‘Completed’ column on the right.